Scientific support for the development of innovative, scientific and new technologies with the approach of transforming, improving and integrating internal and external study structures:
• Conducting developmental and practical research related to the needs of the community
• Management consulting services in the field of new technologies
• Leading consulting services between higher education institutions and universities
• Providing policies, transformational and expert advice
• Consulting services in workshop and exhibition
• Consulting and conducting surveys and Researches
• Continuous study and observation of technological developments related to innovators, entrepreneurs and active individuals and legal entities in order to describe the tasks of the Institute.
• Providing educational, demand-oriented exhibitions and promoting human capital capacity.
• Analyze information, provide composite indicators, and track the creation of statistical databases and other scientific and executive infrastructures.
• Facilitate the membership of individuals as ambassadors of the AKS International Studies Institute.
• Promote and dissemination of local and international scientific and applied findings in the field of new technologies
• Specialized networking and scientific-policy synergies with the involvement of non-governmental organizations, private sectors, and the scientific community (domestic and international).